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Actco Pickering Metal Industries Pty Ltd - case study

APMI has been a user of OPTO software since 1996. OPTO proved its worth to this company from day one.


Our mandate when we were contemplating purchasing software to run our plant was to find a manufacturing program that enabled complex and detailed bills of materials, that enabled real time tracking of processes on the factory floor, and that let the front office know where parts and processes were in our system at all times.


The OPTO system covered all our requirements and many more. We evaluated several software systems and OPTO in my opinion outranked the others in performance and value by a wide margin.


APMI introduced the software and ran OPTO and the current system concurrently from day one. It was immediately obvious that we were going to obtain a huge advantage by using OPTO. It is the perfect solution from start to finish.


APMI has had a long standing relationship with the team at OPTO and I must say their response to any requests have been attended to without delay. Service has been totally reliable and without the usual frustrations of software support.


As I have already stated it is the perfect solution for our company and I have no hesitation in recommending OPTO software to anyone contemplating a software manufacturing solution for their business.

Owen Walsh - Director

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