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Nordon Cylinders - case study

Nordon Cylinders purchased Opto software in July 2002 after extensively researching other programs in the marketplace. We had previously run two other manufacturing programs but had outgrown them.

Our mandate was to find a manufacturing program that enabled complex and detailed bills of materials that worked live on the factory floor, which was also sales friendly and could be utilized by telephone sales staff to identify, check stock, and sell products. The Opto system covered all our requirements.

We took the time and expense to dedicate two staff members to the setup of the system for a period of 6 months, at which point we changed our whole business over to the Opto system, it has been a decision we have never regretted.

Opto allows us to monitor jobs on the floor live; without leaving their workstation a salesperson answering a question from a customer on the telephone can establish exactly what stage a job is at. The Flow of the paperwork also is the flow of the job so when a process is completed there is no doubt as to what workstation the job is to proceed to. It allows total traceability, as the job number that the job is booked with follows it all the way out the door and on the customer’s machine


The scheduling module allows us to schedule work enter time and we can provide customers with an expected date for the completed product and both quote and order stage. The purchasing module teamed with the scheduling module allows timed purchasing of products so that cash flow is not affected.

All the modules allow Microsoft Office files to be attached to them so not only does it create a Client Relationships Management style of database it allows you this function on purchasing and stock control as well as allowing files such as Solid Works and AutoCAD to be attached.

We have also found the flexibility and support of the team at Opto to be superb. If we can be of assistance in any way to help you make your decision to purchase the Opto System please feel free to contact me.

Fay Vogelzang - Director

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