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Laser Cutting causing sparks

Opto Laser

Integration with laser, nesting and other software tools

Tap into enhanced capabilities by enabling real-time integration and seamless data transfer between your current Opto ERP software installation and a diverse array of nesting, geo, laser software, and file types.

Please note Opto Laser software, an add-on extension, can be acquired and installed alongside Opto Enterprise. Please note that the setup of 'Web Services' is a prerequisite for the installation of Opto Laser software.


DXF Reader

Seamlessly calculate runtimes into your Opto quoting system, directly from a DXF file.

Geo File Reader

Enjoy smooth Trumpf compatibility and perform runtime calculations direct from TOPS format into your Opto quoting system.

SigmaNest Integration

Feed your SigmaNest program with real-time order updates, or load your nests back into Opto for easy scheduling.

IP laser Integration

Manage jobs and download successful quotes straight into Opto with no-fuss IP integration.


Contact our friendly team or request a brochure to find out more!

More Add-ons


Track and manage processes remotely with Opto mobile clocking software for real-time monitoring and performance tracking on any mobile device.


Enhance your business with integrated Ecommerce capabilities, enabling seamless online sales on your preferred platform.


Enjoy fully integrated dispatch and shipping information with StarTrack and Allied Express for streamlined supply chain management


Opto ERP Software products are compatible with a range of accounting systems for seamless integration and efficiency.

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