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New Touch Laser Cutting - case study

After several years of using our own internally developed Quoting / Order raising system, it was becoming clear that we were outgrowing the system quicker than I could develop it. The need to find a new system that would meet our demands was becoming a priority.

I started looking at new software packages with a very clear vision of what we required; having developed our own package over several years greatly assisted my judgement in this area.
After continually coming up against the same obstacles:

  • Too elaborate

  • No support

  • Not suitable

  • Too expensive

I discovered Opto and found it too good to be true. It was practical and easy to use. It had everything we needed and was reasonably priced. Best of all I was not paying for additional modules that were not relative to our business.


Since making the purchase we have found the staff at Opto to be fantastic in the areas of Customising / Training / Installation and Trouble Shooting. They have understood our requirements and been a pleasure to deal with.


I highly recommend this product as a tool for your business.

Brad Drury - Managing Director - Sales

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